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Sending and receiving faxes online

With FaxMedia, you no longer need a fax machine.
Receive your faxes on your own fax number with your e-mail

This probably sounds familiar... always having to run up to the fax, paper jams, waiting in line... From now on, Faxbox allows you to receive your faxes when and where you want to! With Faxbox, we combine the features of fax technology with the advantages of e-mail in 1 single application. That way, your communication and productivity increase and you save money on certain expenses as well.

We assign you a personal fax number and we immediately send all faxes to your e-mail address as .tif or .pdf files (according to your preferences). Also, all incoming faxes are kept, so that they remain available at all times.
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To which number can one fax?
With FaxMedia, you get your own fax number. This is a fax number in your region. It can also be transferred.
Is the number of faxes that I can receive limited?
There are no extra charges per received fax. All costs are included in your monthly subscription fee, except the costs related to sending faxes.
Do I still need a fax machine?
Receiving and sending faxes happens entirely online, so you no longer need a fax machine or an extra phone line to keep your line open. Everything is taken care of via Internet.
You can receive several faxes simultaneously
Your line can never be busy. It is perfectly possible to receive 2 or more faxes at the same time.
I already have a fax number. Can I transfer it?
If you already have a fax number, it is perfectly possible to transfer it to FAXMEDIA. Do keep in mind that there can be no other active services on that line, like e.g. digital television, Internet, etc.
Is it possible to define several recipients with my fax?
Per fax number, you can assign an e-mail address to which the received faxes are sent, but you can also assign several e-mail addresses. You can for instance make it so that every collaborator in your sales department neatly receives incoming faxes in his or her mailbox.
Where do I find my faxes?
Your fax number can be managed via a unique online control panel that has been developed in-house. It allows you to send faxes, check faxes you received, check faxes you sent, change settings, etc.
Can I also send faxes immediately?
When you sign up for our online fax service, you receive 20 of free credit to send faxes. This comes down to 200 faxes that you can send for free in Belgium and neighbouring countries.
Whereto can I send faxes?
Our online fax services do not have geographic boundaries; you can send faxes to anywhere on the globe. The rates, of course, vary from one country to another. You can find them on the price list.